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Sorting Box Combo – Counting and Colour


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This amazing wooden Colours and Numbers sorting game is ideal for young children to learn sorting, matching, counting, number, shape and colour recognition and the relationship between numbers and sets of objects.

The set consists of a gorgeous wooden box divided into 10 compartments with a lid and 10 corresponding slots, plus 4 double-sided strips depicting colours, shapes, and numbers represented by dots as well as actual numerals. The strips display both numbers and dots once in order, and once in random order.

The 70 corresponding cards have to be sorted into the correct slot, and the game can be played with the lid open or closed. An open lid allows students to check what they have done, while a closed lid provides more challenging activities since the children are unable to check.

When the lid is close, the teacher/parent plays a vital role as they have to check the work of the children while they practice.

All of the Colours & Numbers Sorting Game components are made from a high-quality, durable plywood and feature silkscreen illustrations.

Children develop skills in: Numeral recognition, counting, 1 : 1 correspondence, shape recognition, matching and sorting, increase awareness of the relationship between numbers and sets of objects.

The game includes one large wooden storage box containing 10 compartment and hinged life with 10 corresponding slots, 4 strips of colours, shapes, numbers and dots 1 -10, plus 70 corresponding cards and instructions.

Suitable for children aged 3 – 6 years.