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Alphabet Folder Games


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As children play the exciting folder games, they get hands on, independent practice sequencing, rhyming, the alphabet, identifying letter sounds and more. The library features 10 self-checking folder games covering 6 essential language skills. Children select a game and the corresponding pouch of game pieces then simply follow the picture instructions for a lot of skill-building fun.
These games develop skills in foundation reading and phonological awareness with spoken words, syllables and sounds in a fun and engaging way.

Play-based learning plays a crucial role in the development of literacy and communication skills. Children need opportunities to use literacy skills (and to see them being used) in real life situations. When children initiate and involve themselves in play, they are more motivated to learn and develop positive dispositions towards learning. Game playing also encourages the development of social skills as children interact with each other and practice turn-taking, sharing, making choices, following instructions and co-constructing knowledge and ideas.

Children develop skills in: Recognising upper and lowercase letters, understanding letter-sound correspondence, sequencing the alphabet and matching letters.

The game includes 10 activity folders, 10 sets of tiles in storage pouches and instructions.

Suitable for children aged 4 – 6 years.