Educational Toy Library

Educational Toy Library
Educational Toy Library

Fun & educational games for children to borrow

Learn and Grow

The Educational Toy Library is an extraordinary opportunity for families in the Gold Coast to have access to over 180 handpicked, fun and interactive educational resources that are designed for children aged 3 – 6 years. The Educational Toy Library is full of amazing activities that children can explore and enjoy. Children will have the chance to play and learn from home as they build their skills ready for school, specifically in the areas of Language & Literacy, Maths and Fine Motor Development. A great option to reduce screen time and a cost-effective way for your child to grow. 

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What a great and cost-effective way for your child to learn.

COVID-19 Safe Cleaning Procedure

All items returned to Educational Toy Library are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to strict COVID-19 cleaning standards.

We use SIQURA™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant & Protectant as listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 338686) as effective against Covid-19 . The protectant is a hard surface disinfectant that forms a protective polymer to provide residual efficacy on high touch surfaces.

SIQURA Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant will destroy viruses and bacteria on the treated surface. Allowing the product to dry will also coat the surface with a microscopic protective layer for continuous microbial protection. It is ideal for use around children, pets and plants.

SIQURA is Human Friendly and Eco Friendly. It is the smarter clean, being simple to apply, sustainable, non-leaching, long lasting and above all, friendly to humans, pets and our environment. SIQURA contains no chlorines, bleaches, carcinogenic or endocrine disruptive compounds, and in final life, SIQURA breaks down to form harmless organic compounds. It is non-staining, pH neutral and non-corrosive.